Technology built to save you time and keep you secure. informed. mobile.

Sterling's client portal offers a smart, simple and secure financial management solution. Banking, document management and fiduciary services can be managed online securely on any device.

Our Portal

Client Portal Features

Customer Support

Dedicated support to help you access your data online.

Document Storage

Keep documents safe and always accessible.

Digital Signing

Digitally sign eletronic documents.

Corporate Governance

Govern corporate data and manage board meetings.

Online Banking

Access and manage your funds with Sterling Online Banking.

FX Conversion

Currency exchange in real time.

Multi Layered Security

Use 2 factor authentication and keep your accounts secure.


Choose from over 100 languages.

and more ...

Take our portal with you on the road and ensure you always have access to your information.
Require multiple people to approve outgoing wires above a predetermined value.
Customize the portal to better suite your requirements.