Director Services

Sterling specializes in providing professional non-executive director services for sophisticated clients through Sterling Directors Limited. Both corporate and individual directors are offered for investment funds, large multinational companies and special purpose vehicles.

Sterling has three highly qualified individuals available for appointment as a director:

Investment Funds

The entity of Sterling Directors typically nominates one senior employee to the board of the investment fund. Nominated directors are authorized by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to serve as directors of regulated entities and each individual is chosen to bring an appropriate skill set to ensure that the board is balanced with appropriate expertise.

Our directors have developed operating procedures and strict internal controls that help to reduce regulatory and operational risk. Sterling is committed to managing workflow in a manner that ensures timely professional service and cuts through what often becomes a time-consuming ribbon of red tape or struggle with decision-making. By lending expertise, Sterling Directors add value serving as a resource in knowledge of industry practice and access to global contacts.

Special Purpose Vehicles

Sterling has many years’ experience administering SPVs used in structured finance transactions, securitizations, aircraft financing, CDOs and project and asset financing.

We have two special purpose Cayman companies that are appointed as SPV directors, the boards of which are comprised of employees of Sterling Directors. In addition, we are able to act as trustee of the trust that holds the shares of the SPV and attend to routine shareholder matters. On liquidation of the structure the trustee ensures that the SPV’s assets are distributed to the beneficiaries.

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