Family Office Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Through highly specialized, prudent and discreet banking, trust and company management services and investment fund products Sterling is able to deliver a fully integrated end-to-end service dedicated to meeting the needs of a small number of families and/or their trusts. A theoretical Family Office might engage Sterling to run a trust that owns an aircraft, investments and property. Sterling may provide payroll services for the flight crew, provide directors to the company owning the property, assist with aircraft registration in the most suitable international aircraft registry whether Cayman or elsewhere, and provide bank accounts to manage aspects of the family’s business and investments. Sterling is also able to assist with reputational matters important to Family Offices.

At their core, Sterling’s family office services include the following:

  • Access to the Sterling funds
  • Managing holding structures including trusts, foundations and companies
  • Accounting and payroll services
  • Concierge banking services

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