Sterling Bank and Trust Limited

Sterling Bank and Trust Limited (Sterling Bank), established in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, provides a solid, secure platform designed for high net worth individuals and international institutions to access avenues for lending, asset management or investing assets. The suite of wealth management and niche commercial products is designed to serve clients’ business needs. Sterling is committed to tax transparency and complies with the automatic exchange requirements of information for tax purposes as directed by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development. Sterling Bank seeks to uphold the highest global standards and only discloses information in accordance with applicable laws.

Clients We Serve

  • High net worth individuals
  •  Venture capital and private equity
  •  Family offices
  •  Real estate developers

Hedge Fund Banking

We have a team of professionals dedicated to servicing the banking needs of our hedge fund clients. We understand the need to process trades quickly and efficiently and are able to accommodate high volumes of transactions with our automated platform.

Services include:

  •  Subscription and redemption accounts for the fund
  •  FX and hedging services to mitigate currency risk including forward contracts, spot contracts and swaps.
  •  Cash management investment products
  • Online platform for processing trades
  • Extended business hours matching the Federal Reserve’s operating hours (9am to 6:30pm eastern time Monday through Friday, excluding designated holidays).

Treasury Management

Sterling Bank provides a number of treasury operation products and services to help our commercial clients’ manage liquidity and mitigate risks.

  • Clear and timely reporting available through our portal
  • Wire transfer services to transfer funds through our online banking platform, quickly and efficiently, in virtually any currency utilizing SWIFT
    • Wire transfers offer same-day availability of funds, and confirmations are provided through a variety of methods for your convenience
    • Secure portal allows clients to define multiple levels of secure initiation and approvals, and accommodates single and high-volume disbursements
  • Cash management;
  • Daily liquidity Interest-bearing money market accounts in USD, CAD and EUR that allows commercial clients to maximize return on excess cash
  • FX and hedging services to mitigate currency risk including forward contracts, spot contracts and swaps
  • Manage and view multi-currency and multi-product account balances via a single online platform

Multi-Currency Accounts

Sterling Bank offers multi-currency accounts in USD, CAD, EURO, GBP, YEN and CNY from our office in Nassau, Bahamas. Multi-currency accounts enable our clients to mitigate foreign exchange rate risks, avoid the complexity and cost of opening an account with a foreign bank, and easily maintain operational control of all deposit accounts in multiple currencies through Sterling’s single online portal. Wire transfers can be initiated in any currency in which Sterling offers accounts.

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