Trust Services

No two clients are alike and Sterling works hard to create the trust that best preserves and protects the client’s intent. Highly personalized services ensure that high net worth individuals or their advisors benefit from the terms that are best suited for their specific needs. Administration of the trust is conducted at the highest standards.

Trust services include:

  • Trustees of Cayman and Bahamas Trusts
  • Trustees to special purpose trusts
  • Trustees to exempted unit trusts, fund of funds or stand-alone vehicles
  • Preparation of financial statements and maintenance of all books and records through our accounting department
  • Beneficiary reporting
  • Establishment, management and appointment of investment advisors, administrators and custodians





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Company Administration

Sterling’s experienced teams of professionals based in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas provides comprehensive company administration services including:

  • Provision of registered office facilities including maintenance of company records and statutory registers, preparation and filing of all necessary returns and reports to the Registrar of Companies and liaising with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
  • Certification services – including issuing and certifying corporate documents and registers and legalization and apostille of documents and powers of attorney
  • Provision of principal office services for foreign companies and provision of agent for service of process for foreign companies
  • Registration & listing services including ship and aircraft registration and listing of companies on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

Sterling incorporates Cayman Islands and Bahamas companies, offering some of the most competitively priced incorporation services in the industry:

  • We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry for standard Cayman Islands and Bahamas companies.
  • Companies can be established within a 24 hour period;*
  • Proposed company names can be reserved in advance with the Registrar of Companies.

* subject to receipt of complete instructions, full due diligence and fees.

Sterling offers secretary services for private companies and investment funds that need a secretary who is familiar with Cayman and Bahamas corporate procedures.

Services include:

  • Provision of company secretary or assistant secretary
  • Convening director and shareholder meetings
  • Preparation of minutes of shareholders' and directors' meetings

Client Accounting

Sterling’s accounting department provides accounting services for company and trust clients.

Service levels depend on each client’s requirements and range from simple bookkeeping through preparation of financial statements. If an audit is required, Sterling will liaise with the auditors to ensure that financial statements are provided within the required time period and participate in the audit process.

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